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In our healthy and stress free environment, we can afford to spend the time your translation deserves

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As owner and ,managing director of Gregory Solutions I have several clients who are willing to provide references. They have all provided positive 'Willing to Work Again' comments on Proz.com

The digital age offered the opportunity and we took it! In 2006, we realized that working in Western Europe with increasing stress and costs was probably not the best solution for our business. Our search for an alternative location that would be better for our health and wealth, and ultimately our productivity, led us to Bulgaria. The country was entering the EU in January 2007 and we found the climate and property prices very attractive. We bought and renovated a property, and we have been living and working here permanently since early 2009. We are very pleased with our decision. It offers us and our clients a number of advantages.

  •  Owning our home and head office outright has reduced our costs, which means we can offer favourable rates to our clients.
  •  Our stress free environment enables us to concentrate on providing accurate and well-researched translations
  •  Good internet and communications infrastructure allow us to work with clients anywhere and in real time
  •  Our collaboration with a group of freelance colleagues with common ethics and goals means we can offer our clients professional translations at lower cost.

We look forward to doing just that for you.

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Gregory Solutions EOOD

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